iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Review

In our fast-paced world, monitoring our health has become crucial, and the iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor aims to make it easier than ever. This device caught my attention with its blend of advanced technology and user-friendly design. After testing its features and capabilities, I'm excited to share my insights on how it can empower you to take charge of your well-being.

iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor Review

As someone who prioritizes health, I've tried various health monitoring devices, and the iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor stood out. Its ease of use, accuracy, and seamless connectivity impressed me. Monitoring my blood pressure became a breeze, and I could track my readings conveniently through the smartphone app. Let's delve into the features that set this device apart.


Clinically Accurate

With its advanced accuracy and no calibration requirement, this blood pressure monitor provides reliable readings every time you use it.

Large Multi-Color Backlit Display

The oversized, multi-color display ensures that reading your results is effortless. The color-coded (GREEN/YELLOW/RED) display intuitively indicates if your blood pressure readings are within the optimal range.

Easy Management

The iHealth app lets you effortlessly manage and track up to 99 readings directly on the monitor and unlimited readings on your smartphone. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Heart Rhythm Disturbance Detection

This monitor goes beyond blood pressure readings. It automatically identifies and alerts you to heart rhythm disturbances, providing additional health insights.

Complete Package

The package includes a blood pressure monitor that meets medical standards, a wide range cuff suitable for standard to large adult arms (8.7"-16.5" or 22-42cm circumference), batteries, and comprehensive user guides.


  • Accurate and reliable readings.
  • Color-coded display for easy result interpretation.
  • Seamless integration with the iHealth app for comprehensive tracking.
  • Detection of heart rhythm disturbances adds an extra layer of health monitoring.
  • Suitable for a wide range of arm sizes.
  • User-friendly operation with just two buttons.
  • Comes with batteries and comprehensive user guides.
  • Backed by a worry-free 12-month warranty.


  • Some users might prefer a rechargeable battery option.
  • Bluetooth connectivity might not be compatible with older smartphone models.


The iHealth Track Smart Blood Pressure Monitor offers a practical and efficient way to monitor your blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Its accuracy, user-friendly design, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with your smartphone through the iHealth app make it a valuable tool for proactive health management.


Can I use this blood pressure monitor with both iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the iHealth app is compatible with both iOS (8.0 or later) and Android (5.0 or later) devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 and up.

Does the monitor come with a warranty?

Yes, the monitor comes with a worry-free 12-month warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Is the cuff suitable for larger arms?

Absolutely. The wide range cuff is designed to fit upper arms with a circumference of 8.7"-16.5" (22-42cm), accommodating standard to large adult arms.

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