An Unparalleled Tablet Experience | Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (4th Gen) Review

The Apple iPad Pro has long held its position as the pinnacle of tablet technology, and the 11-inch 4th generation model is no exception. Its M2 chip, Liquid Retina Display, abundant storage, and an array of other cutting-edge features promise a tablet experience like no other.

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (4th Gen) Review

I've been an avid user of Apple products for years, and the iPad Pro 11-inch is a testament to Apple's commitment to innovation. Its sleek Space Gray design exudes elegance, and you're greeted with a premium feel when you pick it up. The device is lightweight yet robust, ideal for on-the-go productivity or leisurely content consumption. The Liquid Retina Display is nothing short of breathtaking. Colors are vivid, and the ProMotion technology ensures silky-smooth scrolling and responsiveness. Whether binge-watching your favorite series or editing high-resolution photos, the display doesn't disappoint.


Here's a breakdown of the key features that set the iPad Pro 11-inch apart

M2 Chip

The M2 chip powers this tablet, delivering a remarkable performance that seamlessly handles everything from intensive tasks to graphic-intensive gaming.

iPad and Apps

The iPadOS elevates productivity with multitasking capabilities, Apple Pencil support for effortless note-taking, and a vast library of apps on the App Store.

Wi-Fi 6E Connectivity

With Wi-Fi 6E, you can count on lightning-fast wireless connections, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient data transfers.

Performance and Storage

The 8-core CPU and 10-core GPU in the M2 chip, coupled with up to 2TB of storage, provide ample power and space for all your needs.

Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard

The Apple Pencil transforms the iPad Pro into a creative canvas, while the Magic Keyboard offers a superb typing experience and doubles as a protective cover.

11-Inch Liquid Retina Display

The display is a visual marvel, boasting ProMotion, True Tone, P3 wide color, and minimal reflectivity, making every task enjoyable.

Face ID

Unlocking your iPad Pro, making secure purchases, and accessing apps have never been easier or faster with Face ID.

Advanced Cameras

The front 12MP Ultra Wide camera with Center Stage is perfect for videoconferencing, while the rear 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra Wide cameras capture stunning photos and 4K videos with ProRes support.

LiDAR Scanner

The LiDAR Scanner enhances augmented reality experiences by creating detailed depth maps of your surroundings.


  • Exceptional performance with the M2 chip.
  • Beautiful Liquid Retina Display.
  • Versatile iPadOS and a vast app ecosystem.
  • Lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6E connectivity.
  • Generous storage options.
  • Seamless compatibility with the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard.
  • Face ID for convenient security.
  • Outstanding camera capabilities, especially for AR.


  • Premium accessories like the Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard are sold separately.
  • The 11-inch display may feel small for some users, especially for professional work.


The Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (4th Generation) lives up to its reputation as the ultimate tablet experience. Its combination of raw power, a stunning display, and a robust ecosystem of apps and accessories makes it a versatile tool for creative professionals and everyday users. While the initial investment can be high, the iPad Pro's capabilities make it well worth the price for those seeking the best tablet technology.


Can the Apple Pencil be charged wirelessly with the iPad Pro?

No, the Apple Pencil charges magnetically when attached to the iPad Pro.

Does the iPad Pro support external storage options?

The iPad Pro does not have a built-in USB port for external storage. Still, you promise you can use cloud storage or accessories like the Apple Camera Adapter for limited external connectivity.

Is the Magic Keyboard compatible with other iPad models?

The Magic Keyboard is designed specifically for the iPad Pro and may not be compatible with other iPad models due to size and connector differences.
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