Blazing Fast Storage | Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD Review

In the ever-evolving landscape of data storage, speed and reliability are paramount. The Crucial P3 Plus 4TB PCIe Gen4 3D NAND NVMe M.2 SSD promises to deliver on both fronts. With an impressive 5000MB/s sequential read speed and a generous storage capacity of 4TB, it's a tempting proposition for those seeking to turbocharge their systems.

Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD Review

I recently upgraded my aging storage solution to the Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD, and the difference it has made is nothing short of astonishing. My system's performance has seen a substantial boost, completing everyday tasks such as booting up, loading applications, and transferring large files a breeze. The installation process was a breeze, thanks to its M.2 form factor. Within minutes, I had the SSD securely installed on my motherboard. The speed at which it operates is truly remarkable; it feels like my computer has undergone a complete transformation. Everything is snappier, and applications launch almost instantaneously. As someone who works with resource-intensive applications and large media files, this SSD has been a game-changer, reducing my waiting time considerably.


Here are some key features of the Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD
  • NVMe (PCIe Gen4 x4) technology
  • Sequential reads of up to 5000MB/s
  • Impressive random read/write speeds of 650K/900K IOPS
  • Spacious 4TB storage capacity
  • 3D NAND technology for enhanced durability
  • Backward compatibility with Gen3


  • Blazing fast read and write speeds for quick data access.
  • Ample 4TB storage capacity for all your files and applications.
  • 3D NAND technology ensures long-term reliability.
  • Backward compatibility means you can use it with older systems.
  • Impressive random read/write speeds make multitasking a breeze.


  • Pricey, especially in higher capacities.
  • Requires a motherboard with PCIe Gen4 support to fully utilize its speed potential.
  • May not fit in laptops due to its M.2 form factor.


The Crucial P3 Plus 4TB NVMe SSD is a powerhouse of storage performance. It's a perfect fit for enthusiasts and professionals looking to maximize their system's capabilities. While it comes at a premium price, the speed and reliability it offers are worth the investment, especially for those handling resource-intensive tasks. Just ensure your system supports PCIe Gen4 to make the most of its capabilities. In my experience, this SSD has breathed new life into my computer, and I recommend it to anyone seeking a significant performance boost.


Is this SSD compatible with laptops?

No, this SSD uses an M.2 form factor, typically found in desktop motherboards. It may only fit in some laptops.

Does it work with PCIe Gen3 motherboards?

Yes, it is backward compatible with Gen3, but to fully utilize its speed, a Gen4-compatible motherboard is recommended.

What is the warranty for this SSD?

The Crucial P3 Plus comes with a limited warranty, and the exact terms may vary by region. Be sure to check with the manufacturer for warranty details in your area.
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