A Traveler's Dream | Deruitu Switch Carrying Case Review

As a dedicated Nintendo Switch enthusiast, I've always looked for the perfect carrying case to protect my precious console and accessories during my travels. The Deruitu Switch Carrying Case's promise of ample storage space, protection, and thoughtful design caught my attention. After putting it through its paces on various journeys, I'm excited to share my experience and insights in this review.

Deruitu Switch Carrying Case Review

From the moment I unboxed the Deruitu Switch Carrying Case, I could tell it was designed with care and attention to detail. The case is tailored to the Nintendo Switch and the OLED Model, with a dedicated slot for the original AC adapter. This feature sets it apart from many other cases on the market, ensuring that all essential components are kept in one place. The case provides a snug fit for the console, protecting it from scratches and minor impacts. I appreciate the multilayer protection offered both inside and outside the case. The 1680D nylon material used for the shell is robust and resilient, preventing deformation even under pressure. The built-in four-corner grooves on the bottom layer securely hold the console in place, further enhancing its protection.


Here are some key features of the Deruitu Switch Carrying Case:

Original AC Adapter Slot

Designed specifically for the Nintendo Switch and OLED Model AC adapter, ensuring you always remember it.

Ample Game Card Storage

With 20 game card slots, you can carry your favorite titles wherever you go.

Zippered Mesh Pocket

Securely store small accessories like chargers, cables, power banks, earbuds, and extra Joy-Cons.

Unique Inner Zipper Design

High-quality nylon zipper pulls that won't scratch your console, unlike cases with iron zipper pulls.


It is designed to make your Nintendo Switch more portable and travel-friendly so you can game on the go.


  • Dedicated slot for the AC adapter.
  • Spacious game card storage.
  • Zippered mesh pocket for small accessories.
  • Robust 1680D nylon shell for excellent protection.
  • Secure fit with built-in four-corner grooves.
  • Thoughtful zipper design prevents scratches.
  • Travel-friendly and portable.


  • It may be bulkier compared to minimalist cases.
  • Limited space for more extensive accessories.


The Deruitu Switch Carrying Case has become my go-to choice for traveling with my Nintendo Switch. Its thoughtful design, dedicated AC adapter slot, ample game card storage, and robust protection make it a must-have for any Switch enthusiast on the move. While it may be slightly bulkier than minimalist cases, the added safety and convenience more than makeup for it. This case is a solid investment if you keep your Nintendo Switch and accessories safe and organized during your travels.


Does this case fit the Nintendo Switch OLED Model?

The Deruitu Switch Carrying Case is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and the OLED Model.

How many game cards can the case hold?

The case has 20 game card slots, providing ample storage for your favorite titles.

Is there room for more extensive accessories like a Pro Controller?

While the case primarily focuses on compact storage, you can still fit small accessories like a Pro Controller, but it may be a snug fit alongside other items.
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