A Reliable Companion for the Great Outdoors | Garmin Instinct Review

When venturing into the great outdoors, having the right gear can make all the difference. The Garmin Instinct, a rugged outdoor watch with GPS, is designed to be a reliable companion for your adventures. This watch has quickly become a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, built to withstand harsh environments and equipped with various features.

Garmin Instinct Review

I've always been an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, and I've had my fair share of watches that claimed to be rugged and reliable. However, the Garmin Instinct truly lives up to those claims. From the moment I strapped it on, I could tell it was designed with outdoor adventurers in mind.


Rugged Durability

The Garmin Instinct is constructed to U.S. Military standard 810G, which means it can easily handle thermal, shock, and water resistance challenges. It's rated to withstand depths of up to 100 meters, making it suitable for various outdoor activities.

Advanced Navigation

With a built-in 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, and support for multiple global navigation satellite systems (GPS, Glonass, and Galileo), this watch helps you navigate even in the most challenging environments. It's a game-changer for backcountry exploration.

Health Monitoring

The Garmin Instinct doesn't just help you find your way; it also enables you to monitor your health. It tracks your estimated heart rate, activity levels, and stress, providing valuable insights into your well-being. Plus, it comes with preloaded activity profiles, making tracking your workouts and progress easy.

Smart Connectivity

Stay connected with smart notifications from your compatible smartphone. Receive calls, messages, and app alerts right on your wrist. Additionally, the watch can automatically upload your data to the Garmin Connect online fitness community, helping you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Route Tracking

The trackback feature is a lifesaver when you need to return to your starting point. Whether exploring a new trail or hiking in unfamiliar terrain, this feature ensures you will stay aware of the situation. You can also plan your trips in advance using the Garmin Explore website and app.

Impressive Battery Life

The Garmin Instinct boasts impressive battery life. You can use it for up to 14 days in smartwatch mode, up to 16 hours in GPS mode, and up to 40 hours in Ultratrac battery-saver mode. This means you can rely on it for extended adventures without worrying about constant recharging.


  • Exceptional durability and water resistance
  • Accurate navigation with multiple satellite system support
  • Comprehensive health monitoring features
  • Seamless smartphone connectivity
  • Handy route tracking and planning tools
  • Long-lasting battery life for extended outdoor trips


  • The design may be too rugged for some daily wear situations. battery-saver-customise
  • Limited touchscreen functionality compared to some other smartwatches


The Garmin Instinct is a rugged outdoor watch that lives up to its promises. It's a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts who value durability, accurate navigation, health monitoring, and long battery life. While it may not be the most stylish option for everyday wear, it excels where it matters most – in the great outdoors. With the Garmin Instinct on your wrist, you can confidently explore new trails, conquer challenging terrain, and stay connected. It's a reliable companion without which I wouldn't embark on any adventure.


Is the Garmin Instinct suitable for daily wear?

While the Garmin Instinct excels in the outdoors, its rugged design may not be the most stylish choice for daily wear. However, it's a matter of personal preference.

Can I customize the watch face on the Garmin Instinct?

You can customize the watch face to suit your style and preferences.

Does the Garmin Instinct have a touchscreen?

The Garmin Instinct has button controls rather than a touchscreen, which helps enhance its durability.
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