Nintendo Joy-Con Review | A Colorful Gaming Experience

The Nintendo Neon Purple/Neon Orange Joy-Con for the Switch is a vibrant addition to gaming. These controllers offer versatility, style, and seamless gameplay, making them a must-have for any Nintendo Switch owner.

Nintendo Joy-Con Review

I recently purchased the Nintendo Neon Purple/Neon Orange Joy-Con to replace my older controllers, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The vibrant colours immediately caught my eye, adding excitement to my gaming setup. These Joy-Con are incredibly comfortable to hold, even during long gaming sessions. What truly sets them apart is their flexibility.


Versatile Usage

These Joy-Con can be used independently in each hand, giving you an immersive gaming experience. You can also attach them to the Joy-Con grip as a single-game controller.

Handheld Mode

They seamlessly attach to the central console, transforming your Switch into a handheld gaming device. This feature is perfect for gaming on the go.

Multiplayer Fun

Share the joy with friends using these Joy-Con for two-player action in supported games. It's a fantastic way to enjoy gaming together.

Full Set of Buttons

Each Joy-Con has a complete set of buttons, ensuring you have all the controls you need for a wide range of games.

Motion Control

With built-in accelerometers and gyro sensors, these Joy-Con offer precise motion control. It's great for games that require movement, adding depth to your gaming experience.


  • Vibrant and attractive colours make them stand out.
  • Comfortable grip for extended gaming sessions.
  • Versatile usage options for various gaming scenarios.
  • Seamless attachment to the central console for handheld gaming.
  • Motion control enhances gameplay in compatible titles.


  • Relatively small size may not be comfortable for players with larger hands.
  • Some users might find them a bit pricey compared to other controllers.
  • The battery life could be longer for extended gaming sessions.
  • Occasionally, connection issues may arise, affecting gameplay.


The Nintendo Neon Purple/Neon Orange Joy-Con for the Switch is a fantastic addition to your gaming arsenal. Their colourful design, comfort, and versatility make them a valuable investment for any Nintendo Switch owner. Whether gaming alone, with friends, or on the go, these Joy-Con delivers an exceptional experience. While they have some minor drawbacks, their overall performance and style more than compensate for them. Upgrade your gaming experience with these Joy-Con and immerse yourself in the world of Nintendo.


Are the Neon Purple/Neon Orange Joy-Con compatible with all Nintendo Switch games?

They are compatible with most Nintendo Switch games, offering a versatile gaming experience.

Can I use the Joy-Con separately as individual controllers?

Absolutely! You can use them independently in each hand or attach them to the central console or Joy-Con grip.

Do these Joy-Con come with a warranty?

They typically come with a standard Nintendo warranty, ensuring their quality and performance. Be sure to check the warranty details when purchasing.
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