Repel Umbrella Review | Your Ideal Travel Companion for Rain and Shine

Finding the perfect travel umbrella is like discovering a hidden treasure for frequent travelers and those on the go. With its remarkable features and muscular build, the Repel Umbrella has become a staple in my travel essentials.

Repel Umbrella Review

When I first used the Repel Umbrella, I knew it was special. It's incredibly portable, weighing a mere 15 ounces and folding down to just 11.5 inches. I've used it as a pocket umbrella, a small addition to my purse, and even kept it in the car for those unexpected rain showers. The convenience of having a reliable umbrella at hand has been a game-changer. It's incredibly portable, weighing 15 ounces and folding down to 11.5 inches. What truly sets this umbrella apart is its remarkable windproof design. It is engineered with a double-vented canopy but doesn't quickly invert, even when faced with powerful gusts. This means you stay dry and protected in any weather condition. It's a faithful companion when the rain and wind join forces to test your umbrella's resilience. The Repel Umbrella doesn't compromise on durability, either. It has nine sturdy fiberglass ribs and is built to withstand challenging weather conditions. I've used it in heavy downpours and gusty winds without any issues. The canopy is also Teflon coated, making it water-resistant. This feature ensures a quick-dry experience, and the hassle of storing a wet umbrella is a thing of the past. The automatic open and close function is another winner. No more fumbling with manual umbrellas in the rain. With a simple touch of a button, you're instantly covered or ready to stow the umbrella away. It's a small but significant convenience I appreciate every time I use it.


Let's explore the outstanding features of the Repel Umbrella: Compact Design: It weighs only 15 ounces and folds down to 11.5 inches.


Double-vented canopy for stability in strong winds.

Heavy Duty

Nine fiberglass ribs for exceptional durability.

Water Resistant

Teflon-coated canopy for quick drying.

Auto Open and Close

Effortless one-touch operation.

UPF 30+ Protection

Shields from harmful rays during sunny and overcast days.


  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Resists inversion in strong winds
  • Exceptional durability
  • Quick-dry, water-resistant canopy
  • Effortless automatic open and close
  • Provides UV protection


  • No specific color options are mentioned in the product description.


The Repel Umbrella has become an essential travel companion in my book. Its compactness, remarkable windproof design, and durability make it a standout choice for anyone who wants to stay dry and protected on their travels. The automatic open and close feature and its UPF 30+ protection add to its appeal. Don't leave home without this dependable umbrella – it's ready to shield you from rain and shine.


Can I choose the color of the Repel Umbrella?

The product description doesn't mention specific color options, so please check with the seller for available colors.

Is this umbrella suitable for heavy rain and strong winds?

Absolutely. The Repel Umbrella is designed to withstand challenging weather conditions, including heavy rain and strong winds.
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