WD BLACK SN850X 2TB NVMe SSD Review | Elevate Your Gaming Experience

In the world of gaming, speed and performance are everything. The WD_BLACK SN850X 2TB NVMe SSD with Heatsink promises to deliver just that - and more. I recently had the pleasure of enhancing my gaming rig with this powerhouse of a storage device, which has left an indelible mark on my gaming experience. With insane speeds, ample storage, and innovative features, this SSD takes gaming to a new level. Allow me to share my personal experience.


As a dedicated gamer, I always seek ways to gain an edge in the virtual worlds I explore. The WD_BLACK SN850X made an immediate impact. Its read speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s ensured that games loaded at lightning speed. Gone were the excruciating load times, replaced by seamless transitions between levels. It was a gaming revelation. The 2TB storage capacity provided ample space for my extensive library of games. With titles demanding over 200GB, this SSD allows me to keep all my favorites without the constant shuffle of uninstalling and reinstalling.


Insane Speed

With read speeds up to 7,300 MB/s, you'll experience minimal load times and enjoy smoother gaming.

Ample Storage

The 2TB capacity allows you to store multiple large games without compromise.

WD_BLACK Dashboard

Monitor your drive's health, control RGB lighting, and let Game Mode 2.0 automatically enhance your gaming experience (Windows only).

Enhanced Performance

Features like Predictive Loading, Overhead Balancing, and Adaptive Thermal Management optimize your gaming performance.


This SSD supports Microsoft's DirectStorage technology, ensuring compatibility with future games for faster load times.


  • Blazing-fast read speeds for lightning-quick load times.
  • Spacious 2TB storage for a vast game library.
  • WD_BLACK Dashboard offers drive health monitoring and automatic Game Mode (Windows only).
  • Enhanced gaming performance with innovative features.
  • Future-proof with support for Microsoft's DirectStorage technology.


  • Requires the WD_BLACK Dashboard for full feature utilization (Windows only).
  • It may be overkill for casual gamers with smaller game libraries.


The WD_BLACK SN850X 2TB NVMe SSD is a gaming enthusiast's dream. With remarkable read speeds, ample storage, and innovative features, it elevates the gaming experience. While casual gamers may find it more storage than they need, those with extensive game libraries and a hunger for high performance will appreciate its capabilities. Say goodbye to lengthy load times and hello to uninterrupted gaming adventures. Elevate your gaming experience with the WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe SSD.


Is the WD_BLACK SN850X compatible with PlayStation 5?

Yes, it's designed to work with PlayStation 5, providing a significant speed boost to game loading times.

Can I control RGB lighting without Windows using the WD_BLACK Dashboard?

The WD_BLACK Dashboard's RGB control feature is available on Windows only, but you can still use the SSD effectively on other systems without this feature.

Does this SSD work with older gaming systems?

While the WD_BLACK SN850X is compatible with various designs, it is optimized for modern gaming experiences and may provide limited benefits to older gaming consoles or PCs.

How does the WD_BLACK Dashboard enhance the gaming experience?

The WD_BLACK Dashboard allows for monitoring drive health and automatically detecting games to enable Game Mode 2.0, optimizing your system for gaming performance.
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